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By | February 16, 2023

Cam Scanner is a Chinese mobile first released in 2011 that allows iOS and Android devices to use image scanners. It will enable users to ‘scan’ documents. Further, it will enable users to share more photos either as a JPEG or PDF. This app is available free of charge on the Google Play Store as well as on the Apple App Store.

Features of Cam Scanner:

  • convert to PDF
  • Multi-Language
  • Data Extraction
  • Document conversion
  • Document management
  • Data capture and transfer
  • Data Import/Export
  • Document Imaging
  • Electronic signatures
  • It has a Magic Color feature.

The app has a free and paid version for Android as well as for IOS.


  1. Even with an average camera resolution, the application can deliver a good result.
  2.  further, the layout is easy and intuitive.
  3. Just point the camera at the document that you want to scan and then you will have a scanner result.
  4. You can scan multiple documents into multiple files as well as multiple documents into a single file.
  5.  You can save your file in pdf as well as in jpg, and other file formats.
  6.  You can save your files on your device as well as in the cloud.
  7.  It bolds and makes text from photos more readable.
  8.  Furthermore, you can also make a collage of multiple pages with different templates.
  9. It also gives you clear scanning results in different filters.
  10. I take a random image and make it clear with this awesome tool and share it.
  11. Moreover, It also gives us the best-optimized quality as well as a feature of text and graphics auto-enhancing.
  12. It automatically scans your documents as well as converts the scanned documents with batch processing, where you don’t have to do repetitive iterations. In addition, you can group your documents the way you want for ease and quick.

CamScanner-Scanner app to scan – Apps on Google Play

Advantages of  Cam Scanner:

  • Auto OCR Recognition & Search Documents Directly. …
  • Invite Friends & Add Comments. …
  • Upload Documents to the Cloud & Never Lose Them. …
  • Create an Account & Sync Across All Your Devices. …

Use & Organize Documents On Your Computer Easily.

Auto OCR Recognition & Search Documents Directly:                                                                                         

After a document is created, CamScanner can help you automatically recognize the texts in the images directly.

This app detects scanned photographs and turns them into high-quality digital copies using cutting-edge OCR technology.

 Invite Friends & Add Comments:

Share documents with your friends, colleagues, and family members more easily. Their comments or suggestions can be listed directly under the documents and the communications or work can be more efficient. Similarly, this app detects scanned photographs and then turns them into high-quality digital copies using cutting-edge OCR technology.


3. Upload Documents to the Cloud & Never Lose Them:

Never worry about losing them and you can download them from the cloud anytime. Furthermore, a scanner will detect the edges of your document, adjust the angles, and crop the image for you. Next, it provides several filters and also achieves different color effects.

4. Create an Account & Sync Across All Your Devices: 

Everything scanned and stored in your CamScanner account is automatically synced across all your devices. In addition, it will make it easy to create, crop, enhance, search, and manage your scans. Next with  CamScanner apps are available for all your phones as well as for tablets. Finally, you can browse and edit your documents anytime and anywhere.

5. Use & Organize Documents On Your Computer Easily:

If you are more familiar to use a computer to organize your files or need to use the scans on your computer, having a CamScanner Account can be more attractive for you. Log in to synchronize the documents to your computer and organize them directly. How convenient it is!

  • Using this device reduces the image and graphic quality doesn’t matter the resolution after reprinting on paper. Moreover, you can easily see the difference between old and new.
  • Scanned documents take up a lot of hard disk space.
  •  The maintenance cost of this device is a little expensive for home users.

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